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Ottumwa Renews Contract With VenuWorks

OTTUMWA — On Tuesday, June 4th, the Ottumwa City Council renewed the City's contract with VenuWorks to manage the Bridge View Center through 2029.

By a vote of 4-1, the city decided to continue with VenuWorks through June 30, 2029 with the option for two additional five-year extensions. VenuWorks has managed the Bridge View Center since 2011.

"I was the one that advocated for the five-year renewal plus the two five-year extensions, and the biggest reason was the labor environment we're in today," he said. "Last week we had a candidate we're looking to bring on board ask where the contract process with the city."

"If someone is going to make a commitment to move to our community and work for VenuWorks, they're looking for longevity," he said. "Others may leave but want to continue working for VenuWorks, and they ask to be relocated. We're employee-owned, so I have some skin in the game, but it's fun knowing when employees are more vested in it."

As part of the new agreement, VenuWorks will chip in $70,000 for capital improvement projects, focusing on more security and revenue-generating signage. Specific naming rights associated with the building would have to be approved by the city.

"I think you've done a great job and I hope we never lose you in this organization because you've been outstanding. But we will have to protect our backsides a little." said Councilman Keith Caviness.

"If you like us, you can bring us back for another five," said HR Cook, a VenuWorks representative. "There are also some out clauses for the city if we fall below your standards. But we will try our hardest because this contract is written in a way where we actually have skin in the game, such as us not getting paid extra concession fees unless we perform."

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