The condition of the facility sets the tone for the guest’s experiences. As such, VenuWorks maintains operating procedures for the buildings it manages that result in facilities that are clean, well-maintained, and present a welcoming atmosphere for the patrons who are so important to the success of any public assembly facility. Whether it is a concert, a music recital, a consumer show, or a conference, we owe each guest our best effort to meet their needs, solve their problems, and make them want to return again.

Sales & Marketing

VenuWorks approaches the marketing of the venue as a cooperative effort involving the venue and corporate staffs. Under the direction of the VP of Sales & Marketing, the venue staff will develop strategic event marketing, advertising & sponsorship sales and communication plans to effectively market the venue. We will deliver plans that produce revenue through ticket sales and event & venue sponsorships.

The venue marketing team is organized to be able to effectively handle all marketing functions: advertising, public relations, social media, promotions, sponsorships, media releases, digital marketing and direct sales. We have established a network of marketing professionals at our VenuWorks managed venues who share ideas and marketing strategies creating efficiencies and best practices that are easily duplicable.

Furthermore, it is imperative to create awareness about functional spaces in our venues that are available to host a wide range of events. Our team will work closely with partners such as local hospitality and tourism groups, Chamber of Commerce, local arts organizations and area businesses to generate familiarity with the venue and its range of functionality. Additionally, VenuWorks markets through national, regional and local publications as well as attending trade shows focused on meeting and event planners.

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