Pioneering beach lifestyle destination attractions at the intersection of design, technology, and business.

We provide an immediate and ongoing turn-key solution from initial vision and concept design to ongoing operation of the property. VenuBlue works with developers, municipalities and other ownership groups to ensure each attraction is a valuable success from the ground up.


Rowlett, TX

Project: Sapphire Resort Surf & Beach Club
Location: Rowlett, TX
Owner/Developer: Sapphire Bay Land Holdings
Size: 200+ acres
Components: Crystal Lagoons®, clubhouse, surf pool, concert venue, restaurant & bars, event spaces, wedding area, water park and lazy river, pool & swim-up bar, water-side villas, private cabanas, and digital water fountain & video show
Opening: Spring 2022

Palm Bay, FL

Project: Emerald Lakes
Location: Palm Bay, FL
Owner/Developer: Zons Development
Size: 1600+ acres
Components: Crystal Lagoons®, retail, clubhouse, restaurant & bars, live entertainment, event, and wedding spaces, private cabanas, etc
Opening: TBD

Collaborating with top tier innovators and industry experts, we stay on top of the latest techniques, technologies and trends in water amenities and attractions.


From operational consulting during the concept, development and construction phases to a seamless transition into facility management, we offer the following services:

Business and Financial Modeling

It all begins with an idea – VenuBlue can do the rest. With our extensive experience in operational management, we are able to provide unmatched financial services beginning with market studies, proforma drafts and business modeling. After pristine and careful operational cost analysis, we will strategize and advise on concepts that cut spending and increase revenue to ensure the property is a financial success.

Concept & Construction Consulting
Our consulting services assist in the vision and concept of the destination and are a conduit to experienced
firms providing market feasibility studies, design concept, land use plans, and architectural services. During the planning and construction phase of projects, we communicate with ownership and with each of these teams to provide operational consulting services related to each facet of the development.
Program Development

Offering our expertise in managing a range of guest services at water and theme parks, performing arts venues, stadiums and arenas, program development is the forefront of our business. The VenuBlue team is passionate about delivering memorable programs that enhance the destination attraction and provide an unparalleled experience for guests of all ages. We specialize in programming life events such as weddings, receptions and private parties as well as entertaining elements including live concerts, interactive activities and community events.

Attraction & Facility Management

As the property nears completion, VenuBlue’s focus turns to management. We plan and execute pre-opening, testing, onsite staff recruitment, training, and ongoing management of the destination. We specialize in hospitality and facility management with extensive experience in event and entertainment venues, arenas, convention centers, office and retail establishments, culinary experiences, theme parks, water attractions and public access lagoons.

Culinary Services

Not only does a quality food and beverage service increase the enjoyment of your guests, but offers the additional benefit of creating incremental revenue to defray related operational costs. Whether a cold refreshment, a concession snack, plated dinner or a banquet buffet, today more than ever, excellent food and beverage service is a key ingredient to the overall experience of the guest. VenuBlue takes pride in producing a superior quality and an exceptional delivery for all culinary service needs.

Entertainment & Production Services

With over 100 years of combined experience in the entertainment industry, VenuBlue provides an array of services and full production for gatherings and events of all kind that is sure to enhance the guest experience. We pride ourselves on cultivating moments that spark joy and leave a lasting impression.

Guest Relations and Services

Offering over 100 years of combined experience in providing a broad range of services for guests from waterparks and performing arts venues to stadiums and arenas, the VenuBlue team takes great pride in providing exemplary Guest Services to all the guests.

Facility Operations

Operations are at the very heart of what VenuBlue and VenuWorks provides. Operating venues throughout the United States, each decision made is done so with careful consideration to the overall successful operation of the property. Our team are experts in facilitating successful operations in both guest services and “back of house” elements. Additionally, VenuBlue and VenuWorks enjoy excellent and long-standing relationships with service providers that add an additional element of expertise to focused areas of various operational components.

Building and Ground Maintenance

The appearance and upkeep of our managed properties are of vital concern. We understand that guests entering our facilities are doing so to enjoy themselves and have a positive and safe experience. A large part of that experience lies in the upkeep and maintenance of every structure and all areas of the landscaping and general condition of the grounds within and adjacent to the amenity. For VenuBlue, the experience begins at the “grounds” level.


From access control to food service, maintenance to housekeeping, we know that every decision we make contributes to the guest’s experience and our client’s success. How is the view as the guest approached the property? How were they greeted upon entry? Was the water clean, bright and inviting? Was the beach clean and the beach chairs straight? Every moment of each guest’s experience influences their opinion and choice to share that experience with friends and family. This is where VenuBlue sets itself apart. Having an experienced facility management company that understands the intricacies of how to deliver an outstanding guest experience at every opportunity.

Your destination awaits.

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