Ticket Office Manager – Ford Center – Evansville, IN

Manages the overall operation of the ticket office and provides for the ordering, sale, and accounting for all tickets sold for events at the building.
Supervises the selection, placement, promotion, training, safety, appraisal, and discipline of all ticket office personnel.
Assures the proper accounting of all money and tickets for events serviced by the building.
Serves as principal contact with Ticketmaster and assures compliance with all service standards and contract provisions.
Works closely with event promoters and building lessees on a daily basis to provide advice, assistance, and ticket sales status information.
Maintains daily records of business transactions, including but not limited to, daily sales, accounts receivable, bad checks and charges, long and short show reports, complimentary tickets, and the recording and deposit of daily receipts.

Assists with the collection and dissemination of marketing information as related to ticket sales and customer service goals.
Prepares ticket office reports or event settlements and assists senior staff in settlement with promoters.
Manages group sales program and, as needed, subscription series accounts for building clients.
Handles complaints, ticket problems, and customer service issues in a fair, professional, and courteous manner.
Maintains and regularly updates calendars, electronic messages and other ticket office information equipment with event information, sales dates, prices and times.
Maintains regular office hours.

Supervises all box office personnel, including daytime shift supervisors, part time ticket sellers and clerks.

Submit cover letter and resume to: rtrail@thefordcenter.com

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