The Sanford Center’s 10 Year Anniversary Logo

Bemidji, MN – The Sanford Center and VenuWorks are proud to announce their 10 Year Anniversary Logo. The 10 Year Anniversary Logo was created through collaborative efforts between all of the members of Your Sanford Center Staff.

The logo is an evolution of the Mississippi River on the bottom to play on the fact that Bemidji is the First City on The Mighty Mississippi. It also has pine trees as a symbol of strength and stability. Paul and Babe, Bemidji’s most recognizable attraction, signifies the importance of community and civic pride that Your Sanford Center holds as one of its Core Values.

The ‘10’ in the logo is reminiscent of a sunrise over the beautiful waves of Lake Bemidji. The sunrise represents a strong presence and promise that Your Sanford Center is here for the community of Bemidji, as well as the entire Northern Region.

Mayor Rita Albrecht said, “We look forward to celebrating the positive impact this beautiful facility has had on our community.”

For more information visit www.thesanfordcenter.net.

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