The Grand Opening of a venue is an event to be celebrated. VenuWorks has the tools and experience to work with a venue during the pre-opening stages to develop a comprehensive plan for success.

In the ongoing development and construction of the facility we will represent your interests, communicating constantly with architects, engineers, consultants, construction contractors and equipment suppliers to be sure that you get the best building possible. Just as important, we will represent the customer’s point of view in analyzing and planning for their convenience and enjoyment.

Concept & Analysis

With the client’s best interest foremost in mind, provide early stage evaluation of the conceptual, operational, marketing and sales potential for each new venue.

Programming & Services Development

Customized site specific program and services planning, requirements, and budgeting; revenue & cost forecasting; staffing requirements; best practice standards; compliances, etc.

Partnership & Sponsorship

Corporate and community partnerships; program and services sponsorship development and sales.

Marketing & Sales

Branding and marketing strategy, sales targets campaign development and implementation.

Procedures & Best Practices

Operational procedures, position criteria, staffing/hiring, training, etc.

B2B Sales Support & Modeling

Support the venue in the sales process via qualification of market data, programming and operational modeling.