The condition of the facility sets the tone for the guest’s experiences. As such, VenuWorks maintains operating procedures for the buildings it manages that result in facilities that are clean, well-maintained, and present a welcoming atmosphere for the patrons who are so important to the success of any public assembly facility. Whether it is a concert, a music recital, a consumer show, or a conference, we owe each guest our best effort to meet their needs, solve their problems, and make them want to return again.


VenuWorks manages professional, accountable and patron-centric box offices at our venues. They are focused on providing the best purchasing experience for every ticket buyer that visits the venue.

VenuWorks maintains a national contract with Ticketmaster that allows new VenuWorks facilities low ticket rates and marketing support that could not be achieved by a facility working by itself. Ticketmaster is the acknowledged industry leader in ticket availability, customer service, and technological innovation. Besides the local box office, our venues have tickets to its events routinely offered at outlets, over the phone, and on the internet. Ticketmaster also provides detailed record keeping and “Blast” email marketing capabilities.

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