Noël, a brand new holiday family musical, is the touching story of a young girl who is preparing for her starring role in a school Christmas performance, when her mother disappears. Set in London, as the little girl tries to find her mother, she encounters a diverse group of homeless folk who have lost their way in life. One particular man, Nick, has lost his faith in humanity and indeed, the joy of Christmas. We learn that Nick is actually St. Nicholas who has turned his back on his old “job.” He found that the world had forgotten the real meaning of Christmas, so he walked away to help the people who really needed it. In their adventure to find Noël’s mom, together, they all learn to find hope, in themselves, and in the world. With a gorgeous score, Noël is a heart-warming poignant message of love that teaches us all to find the joy in our own lives and to rediscover the magic of Christmas.

NOËL THE MUSICAL is produced by VenuWorks Theatricals!

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