A letter from VenuWorks founder Steve Peters – June 2, 2020


Today our communities are hurting. We feel the pain of the tens of thousands of Americans whose families have been shattered by the loss of loved ones to the COVID 19 pandemic. We share the fears of more than 40 million of our neighbors who have lost their jobs and are afraid of not being able to pay their bills. And we see clearly the racial inequality and injustice suffered by so many in our own neighborhoods.

Our communities are hurting, but within our communities there is great strength. And with that strength, there is hope. Hope in seeing police and protesters kneeling to pray together. Hope in the thousands of front line workers who have worked tirelessly, in spite of personal risk, to combat the effect of this deadly virus. Hope in the outpouring of donations to food pantries and community kitchens across our country. Hope in the tens of thousands of citizens who have taken to the streets to declare that we will no longer turn a blind eye to injustice in our communities.

Community is at the heart of what we do as members of the VenuWorks family. We serve our communities by creating and hosting events that bring people together. They come to see performing artists and attractions. They come to experience the thrill of athletic competition. They come to engage in meetings and conventions. They come to enjoy the company of others at banquets and parties.

Unfortunately, as we all know, they aren’t coming now. Our theatres, arenas and convention centers are closed. Hopefully soon, they will come again. But while we prepare for the reopening of our venues, we should all dedicate ourselves to work together to make the reopening of our communities a reawakening to a new sense of community fairness, justice and equality. A stronger community based on a simple concept: Love your neighbor as yourself.

Steve Peters