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Our catering and concession services focus on increasing the venue’s revenues as well as meeting the standards that patrons expect to find in many of their favorite dining establishments. VenuWorks hires experienced chefs known for their culinary skills to guarantee that every meal is served to the patron’s delight.

VenuWorks is committed to delivering the best possible service to our clients by adhering to the following principles:

  • Value pricing to maximize revenues within the standards of patron acceptance
  • Offer local specialties whenever possible
  • Negotiate national pricing, purchase through local vendors
  • Minimize loss and spoilage
  • Conduct on-going quality assurance training



Our catering services go beyond the standard menus to find what patrons are really looking for. In these efforts, our chefs work closely with our event planners to make sure that the client finds the right meal for the event. By controlling the catering operation, we are able to negotiate a total package that includes rental, equipment, and staffing fees along with catering considerations, allowing for an all-inclusive price.


The VenuWorks approach to concessions combines innovative merchandising with optimum stand efficiency, assuring maximum sales and fast service. The proper placing of serving equipment speeds customer traffic flow and decision time, allowing each stand employee to serve the most customers in the shortest time. Through the organized placement of equipment, the stand employee has arm-reach access to all merchandise, facilitating the formation of orderly lines. The innovative use of color light, and other graphic techniques improves product presentation and promotes patronage.

Top Brands

In competing for the attention and the dollars of today’s customer, concessionaires have come to realize that brand name recognition plays a critical role. Branded products have played a significant part in increasing per caps in VenuWorks-managed buildings.

These products are capturing an ever increasing share of the food sales because:

  • Customer preference and loyalty to regional and national brands
  • Advertising impact of brand marketing
  • Delivery of conveniently high quality products to consumers

Because each market is different, VenuWorks has found it to be in the best interest of our clients to custom tailor the choice of brands to each facility, thus allowing room for local tastes and popular local and regional brands.

Our Chefs

We hire experienced chefs who are known for their culinary skills to guarantee that every meal is served to the patron’s delight.

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