• Live Performances

• Conventions & Meetings

• Sports & Athletics

The VenuWorks core management philosophy is centered on events. Events are the
lifeblood of a successful public assembly facility.

Live Performances

Events are the cornerstone of our business. Led by the VP of Event Booking and Programming, the VenuWorks programming department will augment the venue’s event booking efforts by leveraging our relationships with agents and promoters across the country who represent entertainment suitable for your market and venue.

Conventions and Meetings

VenuWorks creates positive economic impact for our clients with the successful execution of conventions, meetings and tradeshows at our venues. VenuWorks creates strong relationships with the local hospitality industry and Convention & Visitors Bureau to promote these events.

Our Conference and Convention Centers offer professional planning and on-site assistance. With a variety of meeting spaces and setup options, our venues host a variety of events including:

  • Corporate and Executive Meetings
  • Multi-Day Conferences
  • Civic, Fraternal and Trade Association Luncheons
  • Religious Seminars and Events
  • Educational Classes and Sessions
  • Consumer Events and Tradeshows

Sports and Athletics

Sports tenants provide consistent event dates for a venue and rally a community around their local team. VenuWorks has successfully established professional sports franchises at a number of our arenas as well as improved the experience for the fans of teams that have been a bedrock in the community for years.

Performing Arts

VenuWorks has extensive experience in presenting world renown performing artists and attractions in its theatres and performing arts centers. Whenever possible, we present these programs in subscription series. Broadway shows tend to be the most popular, the most profitable and also the most expensive programming for performing arts centers. We maintain close relations with all the major booking offices and producers in New York City to be sure we can deliver the best quality shows and newest offerings from Broadway to our venues all over the country.

VenuWorks Event Share

VenuWorks has had great success in creating grassroots events that bring annual visitors to our communities. These events often boast local sponsors and vendors making them truly community-driven projects. Our venues also benefit from collaboration with similar types of venues across the country. The sharing of ideas and best practices have repeatedly resulted in new and increased revenue opportunities at a number of our venues.

The Booking Edge

VenuWorks facilities work collectively with VenuWorks corporate staff in aggressively pursuing events and attractions.We maintain nearly daily contact with agents, producers and promoters. We continually solicit support from cash sponsors and media sponsors to create our “booking edge”. It’s the extra that promoters get from VenuWorks that other facilities do not provide.

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