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It is the “operator-based” approach that VenuWorks brings to its consulting studies that makes them uniquely valuable to you, allowing for the construction of facilities that will realize savings as they are built, with even more savings from reduced operating costs for years to come. VenuWorks operates buildings on a day-to-day basis and uses that unique operator’s knowledge with every client we serve, guiding you along the path to making the right decision.

Operational Audits

In conducting operational audits, we bring a team of experts to a facility that can look at each aspect of its operation – mission statement, operations, programming, administration, human resources, marketing and sales, and catering and concessions. We look for strengths and weaknesses and target areas for improvement. When we’re finished, you and your facility have a blueprint you can use to guide your future decision making for greater success.

Pre-Opening Services

The VenuWorks team possesses a wealth of experience in opening and operating new venues. We know what works and what doesn’t. Benefits we would bring to your design and construction phases include:

Designing to maximize revenue potential and minimize operating expense

The difference between a successful event center and a proverbial white elephant is most often in the design and conceptualization. We practice the principle that “Every design decision is a marketing decision.” For example, poorly placed custodial closets contribute to a dirty building, which deters people from attending the facility. Too little back-of-house marshalling area leads to a facility getting a bad name among touring attractions.

Construction cost savings

From years of experience, we have learned where to spend money wisely in the construction of a facility. Conversely, we know how to look for places to save money without adversely affecting the operational efficiencies of the finished building. We can help you protect the essentials from the budget ax.

Get the most from your FF&E budget

We can work with you to write specifications, solicit bids and analyze proposals for fixtures, furnishings and equipment outside of the architectural and construction budgets, saving you thousands of dollars in fees and contractor markups. Furthermore, we can get the best value for the money because we are in the market place continually purchasing goods and equipment for the facilities we manage.

We represent you and your future patrons

In the ongoing development and construction of the facility we will represent your interests, communicating constantly with architects, engineers, consultants, construction contractors and equipment suppliers to be sure that you get the best building possible. Just as important, we will represent the customer’s point of view in analyzing and planning for their convenience and enjoyment.

Feasibility Studies

VenuWorks provides a true, practical viewpoint to feasibility studies that can only come from years of experience developing, opening, and operating arenas, theatres, and convention centers. We know what spaces are needed, where they should be located, and what equipment they need because we work in them every day. In determining ongoing operating costs, we can draw upon real world information from the facilities we manage.

This grounding in real-world experience leads to conclusions that are sensible, functional, and pragmatic, while providing the community with a set of realistic expectations for the project being considered.

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