It is the mission of VenuWorks to maximize the presentation of successful events in client facilities for the cultural, recreational, educational, and economic benefit of the communities we serve.

Our core management philosophy is centered on events, the lifeblood of a successful public assembly facility, and that philosophy is central to our mission statement.

VenuWorks supports our clients with the following:

Concept & Analysis

With the client’s best interest foremost in mind, provide early stage evaluation of the conceptual, operational, marketing and sales potential for each new venue.

Operational Management

Financial, Infrastructure, Ticketing, Human Resource, Risk Management and Operational best practices to cost effectively and efficiently manage all aspects of day-to-day venue activity.

Development & Pre-Opening

We work with our clients to develop the core programming offerings, custom programming model and build out requirements to ensure maximum venue usage and financial return.

Food Service

We develop a market-specific culinary experience to fit the customer profile and maximize per capita revenue.

Sales & Marketing

Custom campaigns to sustain high level of customer throughput, ensure maximum venue revenue generation through Prime sponsorship and VIP programs, on-site advertising sales, program and league development, product sponsorship and customer upsell opportunities at the venue.

Event & Activity Programming

Entertainment, event programming and lifestyle events: music, festivals, food/wine tastings, product launches/premiers designed to drive customers to the venue.

A Message from VenuWorks Founder and President Steve Peters

When I formed VenuWorks I originally called the company Compass Facility Management. I chose that name based on the works of Stephen Covey who advised leaders to manage by the compass and not by the time clock. In 2007 the Compass name changed to VenuWorks but the philosophy of the original name lives on. As a privately held company VenuWorks still manages client venues by the compass. VenuWorks is not tied to the “time clock” of quarterly earnings reports. This allows us to work with each client to find the “true north” for its facility. We can afford to take the long view as we work with you and the community to achieve the best solutions and the best outcomes possible.

Virtually every society on earth values the four basic principles of integrity, accountability, compassion, and forgiveness. Yet in today’s world, large corporations prosper and profit by contradicting these basic human values. As a privately held, and independent company, VenuWorks encourages and empowers its people across the country to observe and practice these four principles that are so basic to us all.

Please let us know how we can work with you!

Steven L. Peters
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